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Memorandum of mutual co-operation

НазваMemorandum of mutual co-operation
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Memorandum of mutual co-operation
Меморандум о взаимном сотрудничестве


  1. This Memorandum is the result of a meeting which took place on January 25th 2004 in Kyiv, Ukraine between parties “A” of the newly-formed International Dance Union represented by:

  • Mr. Igor Mashyn (President of The Union of Public Organizations of Dancesport of Ukraine );

  • Mr. Sergey Pinchuk (President of Ukrainian Federation of Dancesport);

  • Mr. Aleksandr Mashkov (President of Moscow Dancesport Federation);

  • Mr. Oleg Kudinov (Vice-president of Moscow Dancesport Federation);

  • Ms. Nadezhda Bantyuk (President of Dance Association of Moldova).

and party “B” represented by members of member-bodies of WD&DSC:

  • Mr. Donnie Burns (Chairman DanceSport Committee, vice-president WD&DSC);

  • Mr. Stanislav Popov (President of the Russian Dance Union, Vice-president of WD&DSC);

  • Ms. Irena Bous (President of Ukrainian Dance Board);

  • Mr. Leonid Pletnev (Press secretary advisor of WD&DSC in PR);

  • Mr. Oleksiy Litvinov (Member Ukrainian Dance Board, President DC “Horizont”).

  1. At the request of both “A” and “B”, Mr. Donnie Burns M.B.E. took the chair.

  2. Both parties declared a mutual fundamental policy of anti-corruption, i.e. open, honest and fair competitions for all competitors, free of political or personal influence.

  3. Both parties agree to work towards forming a structure whereby professional adjudicators and expertise supervise and judge, with the professionals acting as a “pyramid-top” organisation in which A can develop successfully.

  4. Wit the above in mind, each party pledges to the other the following:

  1. Party “А”

    1. А agrees to apply to enter the WD&DSC

    2. The aforementioned personnel in A agree that trainers of their organizations must act on a professional basis (registration in WD&DSC, membership WD&DSC).

    3. A agrees therefore, that only professional WD&DSC registered adjudicators must adjudicate all events in this “New Dance Concept”.

    4. А agrees to organise at least 5 open to the world international events per annum. These competitions will strictly adhere to these (all) agreed conditions as a “New Dance Concept”, and will be in keeping with the principles and conditions of this memorandum.

    5. А agrees that IDU and this agreement will be open to any and all new countries and will practise inclusivity, not exclusivity.

    6. А agrees to forward a master-list of all members to “B”, and B will advise its existing member-bodies, as a courtesy and for information, of the list.

    7. The registration fees: “А” will pay to “B” a nominal registration annually.

    8. А agrees to fully support existing WD&DSC events and open events of WD&DSC member-bodies.

    9. It is a fundamental condition and pledge in order for this agreement to be valid that “A” agrees not to form any agreements with any third-party International Dance Organization or body outside the WD&DSC or its member-bodies.

    10. All of the above conditions and agreements are valid in their entirety, and none may be amended or deleted without the agreement of “B”.

  1. Party “B”

    1. B promise to propose and fully support “A’s” application to enter WD&DSC.

    2. B agree to give security to, and to respect and honour “A’s” existing members, structures and territory in existence.

    3. B further agree to recognize “A” as the member representing those included in the master-lists forwarded to “B”, and not to interfere or officially communicate with those members, except through “A”.

    4. B will continually offer and provide advice, expertise and educational structure to “A”. Top level selected WD&DSC adjudicators and educational seminars will be provided by “B” to “A”.

    5. B will allow “A” direct access to International competitive participation in keeping with free-market principles.

    6. B will encourage the cooperation and connection between “A” and the world-wide international dance community at the highest level.

    7. B will continue to liaise with and advise “A” on all aspects of top-level dancing and events, including further development of “New Dance Concepts”. These will be, and all events will be, strictly in keeping with a policy of fair and honest adjudication and results. Integrity must be apparent at all times.

    8. B agree to present this agreement and memorandum to the WD&DSC for their consideration, and hopefully, their subsequent approval.

  1. This agreement is valid and comes into effect from 25th January 2004, and is effective until further notice.

Igor Mashyn

Segey Pinchuk

Aleksandr Mashkov

Оleg Kudinov

Nadezhda Bantyuk

Donnie Burns

Stanislav Popov

Irena Bous

Leonid Pletnev

Oleksiy Litvinov


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